On April 14, First Deputy General Director for Nuclear Energy of Rosatom State Corporation - President of JSC ASE Alexander Lokshin and Board Chairman of the Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant Authority (NPPA) Dr. Amged El-Wakeel visited the construction site of the El-Dabaa NPP (Arab Republic of Egypt).


As part of the delegation, they were accompanied by JSC ASE First Vice President - Director of the Joint Design Institute Ruben Topchiyan, JSC ASE Senior Vice President for the Management of NPP Construction Projects Alexander Korchagin, JSC ASE Vice President – Director of El-Dabaa NPP Construction Project Dr. Grigory Sosnin, NPPA Vice Board Chairman for Operation and Maintenance Eng. Mohamed Ramadan, El-Dabaa Project Manager Dr. Mohammed Dwiddar as well as project teams of the Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation and NPPA. 
Delegation visited the NPP construction site and examined preparation of the pits of power units 1 and 2, the facilities of the construction base and the concrete-mix unit. The foundation pit of unit No.1 is fully ready for the start of work on the arrangement of concrete preparation for the buildings of the nuclear island, which will begin in the near future. These activities are a prerequisite for the "first concrete" pouring, i.e. pouring concrete into the base of power unit No. 1. In addition, preparatory work continues on the site: construction of infrastructure facilities and a docking facility which will receive large and heavy equipment are also underway. 
“We went through the current activities with our Egyptian partners and outlined further steps towards the implementation of the tasks set. The ASE and NPPA teams work harmoniously and dynamically in all areas of project implementation. A good pace of work has been set. We expect that a permit for construction will be obtained this summer and work of the main period of NPP construction will start. For us, this is the key event of the year hence it is being prepared meticulously,” said Alexander Lokshin. 
“The construction of the El-Dabaa NPP is the embodiment of the long-standing dream of the Egyptian people about peaceful nuclear energy. We are seeing positive dynamics in the implementation of the project. We are confident that the Egyptian-Russian team will be able to cope with all the tasks set,” said Amged El-Wakeel.

Source: Rosatom Engineering Division Comms Dept.