On August 7th the supplies of the reactor plant main equipment for the third unit of the Kudankulam NPP in India were completed. 
According to Andrey Lebedev, Vice-President of JSC ASE EC for projects in India, all main equipment items located on the red line of the reactor pit installation have been supplied. 
The shipment consisted of packaged equipment of the molten core catcher, embedded parts of the reactor pit, dry protection, heat-insulation of the cylindrical shell/barrel, truss buckstay, reactor vessel. A thrust truss and devices for neutron flux monitoring chambers allocation are expected to be delivered by the next shipload. 
Taking into account that four steam generators, a pressurizer, main coolant pipelines and a bubbler were delivered earlier, JSC ASE has mostly completed the procurement of the containment equipment for power unit No.3 to ensure uninterruptible and continuous operations for the reactor plant construction which is on the critical path of the Project” - Andrey Lebedev said.
Source: ROSATOM Communications Dept.