The first metal cutting for the construction of the super-powerful nuclear icebreaker Leader (Project 10510) has been carried out on July 6 at the shipyard in Bolshoy Kamen, Primorsky Krai. Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation is the state customer, FSUE Atomflot (Rosatomflot) is the project developer and Zvezda LLC is the sole contractor for this project. 
As per the terms of the contract, the vessel is expected to be commissioned in 2027. 
“Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation supported Rosatomflot’s initiative to name the super-powerful nuclear icebreaker of the 10510 Project ‘Rossiya’,” Mustafa Kashka, FSUE Atomflot Director General, said. “There is continuity in the names of ships in the nuclear icebreaker fleet, moreover, nuclear icebreakers are traditionally named after geographical locations. The 10510 Project vessel is unique. The exceptional nuclear icebreaker has remarkable technical characteristics, which will allow us to guarantee year-round navigation in the eastern region of the Arctiс”. 
On April 23, Rosatom subsidiary FSUE Atomflot and shipbuilder Zvezda LLC remotely signed a contract on the construction of the nuclear icebreaker Lider (Project 10510); during the signing parties were located in Murmansk and Vladivostok respectively. 
The construction of the Project 10510 nuclear-powered icebreaker will be carried out by the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex following the Russian Federation Government Order 538-p (March 27, 2019) “On determination of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex LLC as the sole contractor for the construction of the nuclear-powered icebreaker Leader”.
Source: Rosatom Comms Dept.