On February 14 at 23-40 (China time) the third power unit of Tianwan NPP (TNPP) constructed under the Russian design with VVER-1000 reactor type passed the100-hour guarantee tests.  The reactor the power start-up of which was held at the end of 2017, has passed the dynamic testing at different power levels and currently has completed 100-hour tests at the maximum power level without being shutdown.
The power start-up of power unit No.3 of Tianwan NPP was held on 30 December 2017. The construction of the second stage of TNPP within power units 3 and 4 is being carried out with the participation of specialists of ASE Group of Companies (a part of Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation), the general designer of the power unit “nuclear island” is JSC ATOMPROEKT company (included in ASE Group of Companies).

“The third power unit has passed the continuous operation demonstration tests at a rated load during 100 hours. The provisional takeover - a starting point of a 2-year guarantee operation of the unit is to come” - informed Aleksey Bannik, Director for Projects in China of ASE Group of Companies.

Also, within the frames of the second stage of the NPP construction in China, the works on the fourth unit of Tianwan NPP construction are underway, its commissioning is scheduled for 2018.

“At the fourth power unit there is an ongoing preparation to one of the key stages - the unit hot run is to occur in spring. At the moment, installation and start-up and adjustment works are in full swing, besides, the performance testing of equipment is performed under design conditions. All these are within the frames of the first revision after the cold run” - reported Valery Kedrov, Deputy Director for Tianwan NPP of JSC ATOMPROEKT Design Institute.

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The Tianwan NPP is the largest facility of the Russian-Chinese economic cooperation. Start-up of power units No.1 and No.2 was held in 2007. These first two units of Tianwan NPP annually generate above 15 billion KW/hour of electric power.
The cooperation on the construction of the second stage - units No.3 and No.4 of the Tianwan NPP is carried out based on the Protocol between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the People's Republic of China. As a basis of Tianwan NPP construction, the Russian project AES-91 with reactor type VVER-1000 was taken, which fully meets the requirements of up-to-date regulatory and technical documents of China, Russian Federation and IAEA. Construction of Tianwan nuclear power plant is being carried out by Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC) in cooperation with Russian company Atomstroyexport included in ASE Group of Companies.