Cairo, Egypt - Rosatom Russian State Corporation which is responsible for implementing El Dabaa NPP project in Egypt –took part in the Cairo International Book Fair which was held from January 26 to February 7, 2022 for the second time. 

As part of its efforts to help exploring nuclear energy and technologies Rosatom in cooperation with Nuclear Power Plants Authority of Egypt produced the book «Have questions? We have the answers! All you wanted to know about nuclear energy». The project encompasses answers to 62 most common questions related to nuclear, ranging from the basic concepts of nuclear physics, atoms structures, “radiation” and “radioactivity” concepts to the NPP design principles and application of nuclear technologies in various spheres of human life. 

How do nuclear power plants work and what benefits do they bring? What safety measures are applied at nuclear facilities? How do people live in “nuclear” cities? Is it possible to farm near NPPs? Where is nuclear technology used and how does it help in our daily life? Answers to these and many other questions are available in the book for the first time presented at the Cairo Book Fair. 

The book was donated to selected schools in Cairo and public libraries in Cairo, Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh Governorate. Rosatom participated in the Cairo International Book Fair in cooperation with the Kotobna publishing house that also made book available online on the website 

«We are delighted to take part in the Cairo International Book Fair this year. For us participation at this prestigious event is an opportunity to give information to people and expand their knowledge about nuclear energy and technologies. Debunking myths and stereotypes about nuclear energy and raising awareness about nuclear technologies among people are one of the key priorities for Rosatom. We hope that our books will give answers to people and inspire them to learn more about the area which has been contributing in many aspects of our life and coping with global challenges for over 70 years.” said JSC ASE Vice-President and El-Dabaa NPP Project Director Grigory Sosnin. 

In addition to the new book Rosatom also presented two books which were popular at last year’s Fair. The book “Nuclear ABC” relates the basics of nuclear physics, atoms and atomic energy, radiation, nuclear reactor design, and the principles of operating nuclear power plants to children in simple and accessible terms. 

The book “Nuclear Professions” describes the variety of professions in the nuclear industry and their contribution to societal development and environmental conservation. This book informs students exploring their professional futures about in-demand nuclear technology-related career paths in a wide range of areas, from power generation to medicine to agriculture to archeology, amongst others. 

You can download the books for free from the website of “Kotobna” publishing house: Nuclear Alphabet Book,
Professions Nuclear Book 
Source: Rusatom International Network Communications Dept.