Rosatom’s subsidiary RUSATOM RDS JSC and the Egyptian “Med Pharma Group” have agreed to collaborate in promoting the unique Russian therapeutic device “Tianox”.

The second Pan-African exhibition and conference, Africa Health ExCon 2023, took place in Cairo, Egypt. A key event in healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors brought together some 60,000 delegates and participants from over 90 countries. The exhibition took place annually under the auspices of H.E. Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.
Representatives from Rosatom enterprises actively participated in the business programme. Irina Svyato, adviser to the General Director, Rusatom Healthcare JSC, talked about Rusatom Healthcare’s projects in nuclear medicine. Currently, Rosatom offers 16 types of in-demand medical equipment developed and produced by the company, as well as a comprehensive approach to implementing medical infrastructure projects. This approach includes designing of buildings that meet all safety requirements, equipping them, and training medical personnel. According to the speaker, both global and the Russian markets for radiopharmaceutical products have been developing rapidly, particularly due to the introduction of new medicines for treating patients with the 3rd and 4th stages of oncological diseases. Rosatom produces 11 radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis, treatment, and theranostics of oncological and cardiovascular diseases. Russian State Corporation is also implementing one of the most important healthcare projects today, which involves the construction of the largest radiopharmaceutical production plant in Europe in the city of Obninsk. By 2025, 21 technological lines will produce over 25 types of radiopharmaceuticals. The plant, being built according to GMP standards, will fully meet the needs of doctors and patients for radiopharmaceutical products not only in Russia but also in other countries.

There was a significant interest in the therapeutic device “Tianox” presented by Artem Burov, Medical Consultant, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Anaesthesiologist, Physician Intensivist, and Neonatologist at RUSATOM RDS. This unique Russian device for nitric-oxide therapy is used in pulmonology, cardiac surgery, transplantation, neonatology, rehabilitation, and other purposes. The device synthesises nitric-oxide itself, delivers it to the patient’s circuit, and monitors the concentration. The device has no analogues, it is simple and convenient to use, and completely safe for application.
The members of the Egyptian healthcare and pharmaceutical market appreciated the uniqueness of the device. On the sidelines of the exhibition, an agreement was signed between RUSATOM RDS and the Egyptian company “Med Pharma Group”. Anatoly Myalitsyn, Specialized Medical Technology Section Director at RUSATOM RDS JSC, and Moustafa Helal, Managing Director of Med Pharma Group, signed the agreement. According to it parties agreed to cooperate in scientific and technical fields and will elaborate on possibilities of further use of nitric-oxide in medical practice in the Arab Republic of Egypt based on the “Tianox” device.

Rosatom participated in the exhibition for the second time, showcasing advanced Russian healthcare solutions and products. It included laser and electric coagulators used in surgery, produced by RUSATOM RDS. Their models were demonstrated to exhibition visitors. The exhibition also featured the “Onyx” linear accelerator, “Brahium” brachytherapy complex, and cyclotron complexes promoted by Rusatom Healthcare. Rusatom MetalTech, a subsidiary of TVEL, the Fuel Company of Rosatom, showcased titanium implants for osteosynthesis, which are used in the treatment of multi-fragmentary and intra-articular fractures. These implants include titanium plates of various types and sizes, intramedullary pins, as well as surgical instruments for their installation, removal, and replacement.

“Rosatom takes a comprehensive approach to implementing its healthcare initiatives. Its healthcare projects include isotope complexes, radiopharmaceutical production, manufacturing of high-tech medical equipment, processing of medical devices with ionising radiation, and the development of its own medical infrastructure facilities. The African market and Egypt as a flagship country of the continental economy are strategically important for us in terms of cooperation. We see great perspective in developing efficient and mutually beneficial relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt,” said Irina Svyato.

Notes to the editor:
Rusatom Healthcare JSC is a division that consolidates Rosatom’s expertise in healthcare. The company was established based on Rosatom’s enterprises and institutes with the aim of comprehensive development of medical technologies in Russia and abroad. Rusatom Healthcare focuses on four main areas: turnkey solutions for medicine, production and supply of isotope products (in 50 countries worldwide), equipment for diagnostics and therapy, and solutions for industrial applications of radiation technologies.

RUSATOM RDS acts as a comprehensive integrator of Rosatom’s high-tech civilian products in the fields of machinery, electronics, and specialised medical equipment. The company coordinates work in new business areas, providing customers with comprehensive solutions, from design and manufacturing to after-sales service throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Source: “Rusatom International Network” Communications Department