Don’t miss it: Rosatom launched the 6th annual competition of online videos to inspire young people to get acquainted with nuclear energy and technologies and the benefits it is already bringing to some African countries. The jury will pick three teams, that will visit Russia in 2021 and see its state-of-the-art nuclear facilities, other winners will receive special prizes. Worth a try! 
It seems simple: just make a 75-seconds video. But what can young people receive in exchange? Rosatom invited a wide range of experts, who will oversee the videos of new participants, giving professional feedback. The video competition will gather hundreds of young Africans from all over the continent. Future experts will get acquainted with each other, who knows how they can help one another in different projects. This competition may change future leaders’ views on career: it is a chance to unlock potential. 
As Koketso Kgorinyane, one of the 2018 winners, explained, this opportunity is life changing: “My experience from the trip lead me believe that Africa needs to build up local capacity in areas like nuclear. I saw that studying maths and science can build a real career, where I travel all around the world. Russia built up their entire nuclear programme on their own and I wish Africans have the capability of doing the same”. 
Hoping to see more young people among 2021 winners. 
Here are the formal guidelines for the competition participants this year: 

  • An individual or a team of up to 3 people may submit one application. 
  • Video length is up to 75 seconds. 
  • Both professional and smartphone videos are acceptable, but the video quality must be at least 720p HD quality. 
  • Video can be live-action or animation. 
  • Video narration language is either English or features English subtitles. 
  • The name(s) of the creator(s) and the name of the university (if so) must be written in the first frame of the video. 
  • The video must be published on Facebook with no restrictions on its visibility for any Facebook visitors. 
  • The post must tag @RosatomAfrica and @RosatomMENA Facebook page and contain hashtags: #Nucleardoesntwastetime, #AtomsforAfrica, #RosatomCompetition. 
  • No copyright violations (all videos should be compliant with Copyright and Rules for posting Content set up on Facebook). 
  • No harmful or offensive behavior, discrimination of any kind. Be friendly and polite. 
  • Applicants must submit their applications before the deadline to the email or by the link to online submission form 

About the competition 
Over 5 years of running the competition, 51 winners received the accolades and prizes and one-third of them visited Russian nuclear facilities in Moscow, Obninsk, Tomsk, and Voronezh. The competition was selected by IAEA for its technical meeting on using social media for public communication and stakeholder involvement for nuclear programs and was featured in international and regional media such as Reuters, The Guardian, AllAfrica, ESI Africa, Engineering News, The Citizen, Business Report and many more.
Source: Rosatom Comms Dept.