On June 21, 2017 in Moscow, within the framework of the IX International Forum «ATOMEXPO 2017», Rusatom International Network (hereinafter referred to as Private Institution RAIN) and the Saudi company Al-Yamama for Trading and Contracting (hereinafter referred to as Al-Yamama) signed a Memorandum of Understanding.
The document was signed by the president of Private Institution RAIN, Alexander Merten, on the Russian side, and the President of Al-Yamama Group Abdul Hakim Hamad A.Alkhaldi, on the Saudi side.
The Memorandum affirmed the parties’ commitment to exploring opportunities for cooperation in such areas as wind farms construction and operation projects in Saudi Arabia, as well as supplying ROSATOM subsidiaries’ equipment for Saudi Arabia’s petrochemical industry.
The Parties agreed to continue consultations involving ROSATOM subsidiaries’ representatives in order to identify an appropriate format and specific areas of cooperation.