Rosatom State Corporation partners with Türkiye’s Chess Federation to support chess movement in Mersin Province.
Around 800 players will make their moves during the championship.

December 10, 2022, Mersin, Türkiye – Mersin Province, the pearl of the Turkish Mediterranean area and the cradle of the first NPP in Türkiye, is preparing to host the ROSATOM Regional Chess Tournament, which will be organized for the first time in partnership with the Turkish Chess Federation (TSF) and Rosatom State Corporation. 

Participants of two categories, under 8 and 9-12 age groups, will participate in the Tournament. It will be the first private regional chess championship and one of the region's largest, with nearly 800 players. 

The first qualifying games will begin on December 10-11 in Tarsus, Silifke, and Bozyazı districts. The second qualifying games will follow in Erdemli, Aydıncık, and Mersin Center on December 17-18. One hundred twenty-eight licensed players from each district will participate in the qualifiers. Three winners in the qualifiers from each district category will be eligible to compete for the main trophy in the finals to be held on December 24. Winners will also receive special prizes sponsored by Rosatom. 

The Tournament will not only support the players in Mersin and its communities. It will also contribute significantly to the development of chess sports in the region. Furthermore, the players will be able to increase their national strength ratings (UKD) thanks to the Tournament. 

"Rosatom is a high-tech company, and we are honored to team up with the Turkish Chess Federation to support the chess movement in Mersin Province. In Russia, chess is a top-rated game. The whole world knows the great chess legacy Russia nurtured. We are confident that launching this championship will foster the popularity of this game in the region. I'm also glad to note that Akkuyu NPP construction has become a center of positive regional changes. It stimulates socio-economic growth, infrastructure development and attracts new opportunities. With the Tournament, it will certainly invest into the main asset of Mersin – its people and its children", Alexander Voronkov, regional vice president and director of "Rosatom Middle East and North Africa". 

Players showed great interest in the Tournament. The quota allocated for the qualifying games was over-enrolled shortly after the announcement by TSF.