Alexander Voronkov – Director General

Alexander Voronkov joined the team as Director General of ROSATOM MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA in January 2016 aimed at development and support business activities of ROSATOM Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation in Middle East and North Africa. He has a wealth of expertise, with a strong background in international relations and business development.

Valery Zabrodin – Advisor

Valery Zabrodin joined the team as Advisor in August 2016. He has over 15 years' experience in managing companies in energy, chemical and mining industries.

Maksym Kostenko - Marketing Manager

Maksym Kostenko joined the team as Marketing Manager in November 2017 to develop and support marketing activities of ROSATOM in the region. He has expertise in nuclear industry, with a relevant background in marketing and sales, having considerable experience at other Rosatom branches.

Nikita Malakhov - Business Development Manager

Nikita Malakhov joined the team in October 2020. Working for ROSATOM for more than 10 years he gained experience necessary for promotion of Russia's nuclear energy industry solutions applicable for various spheres of economic sectors. 

Roman Ryabchikov - PR Manager

Roman Ryabchikov joined the team as PR manager in 2018. He has more than 8 years of experience in nuclear communications area. He is responsible for coordination of PR activities related to projects of Rosatom and its subsidiaries in the region.