Middle East and North Africa is one of the drivers of a global energy market. Countries of the region are actively adopting nuclear generation to meet increasing electricity demand resulting from population and economic growth. Rosatom offers a unique integrated offer covering all range and services in nuclear sphere from A to Z, i.e. tailor-made nuclear solutions from constructing a NPP and creating an infrastructure to offering flexible financial solutions, exchanging technical knowledge, nuclear staff training and increasing public acceptance of nuclear power industry. Unprecedented 70-year experience in nuclear industry and deep historical background with MENA region make Rosatom’s offer truly unique and highly in-demand. Rosatom portfolio includes the following key projects in the region:

Turkey: the country’ first NPP, Akkuyu NPP project with 4 power units based on VVER-1200.

Iran: first power unit of Bushehr NPP – the first nuclear power unit being implemented in the region – was connected to the national grid on September 2011. Two more power units are being constructed at the same site. Cooperation with Iran includes large-scale program сomprises construction up to 8 power units. Cooperation with Iran is geared by isotope products supply.

Egypt: the country’ first NPP, El Dabaa NPP project with 4 power units based on VVER-1200.

UAE: Uranium products supply

Rosatom also signed IGAs with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, as well an MoU with Morocco.