Middle East and North Africa is one of the drivers of a global energy market. Countries of the region are actively adopting nuclear generation to meet increasing electricity demand resulting from population and economic growth. Rosatom offers a unique integrated offer covering all range and services in nuclear sphere from A to Z, i.e. tailor-made nuclear solutions from constructing a NPP and creating an infrastructure to offering flexible financial solutions, exchanging technical knowledge, nuclear staff training and increasing public acceptance of nuclear power industry. Unprecedented 75 years of experience in nuclear industry and deep historical background with MENA region make Rosatom’s offer truly unique and highly in-demand. Rosatom portfolio includes the following key projects in the region:

Turkey: the country’ first NPP, Akkuyu NPP project with 4 power units based on VVER-1200.

Egypt: the country’ first NPP, El Dabaa NPP project with 4 power units based on VVER-1200.

UAE: Uranium products supply

Rosatom also signed IGAs with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, as well an MoU with Morocco.