Installation of the passive core flooding system (PCFS) hydro accumulators, one of the key installation operations, has been completed at Akkuyu NPP Unit No. 1. 

The total of eight PCFS accumulators were installed in the design position at the elevation of +26.3 m inside the reactor building of Akkuyu NPP Unit No. 1. A hydro accumulator is a 77t and 120m3 thick-wall vessel made of stainless steel. During the power unit operation, it will be filled with an aqueous solution of boric acid. A heavy self-propelled crawler crane was used for the installation, which was performed using the Open-Top technology, i.e. through the open top part of the reactor compartment. 

"Construction works are being performed at the Unit No. 1 in accordance with the Schedule and in the most active manner. PCFS installation is another important stage that brings us closer to completion of the Unit No. 1 construction. PCFS is a component of the core cooling system, and a crucial element of the NPP safety system. The passive core flooding system operates without personnel engagement or power sources," commented Sergei Butckikh, First Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Director of the NPP under Construction. 

Construction and installation at the Akkuyu NPP Site are being performed in all construction areas of the main and auxiliary facilities, namely: the four power units, onshore hydraulic engineering structures, power output system, administrative buildings, training center, physical protection facilities of the future NPP, etc. 

For reference: 
Akkuyu NPP is the first nuclear power plant being built in the Republic of Turkey. The Akkuyu NPP project includes four power units equipped with Generation 3+ VVER reactors of Russian design. The capacity of each NPP power unit will be 1200 MW. Currently, the project is entirely financed by the Russian side. Akkuyu NPP is the first project in the global nuclear industry being implemented according to the Build-Own-Operate model. According to terms and conditions of the Inter-Governmental Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey, the NPP's first power unit is supposed to be commissioned within 7 years after obtaining all construction authorizations and licenses. Given that the construction license for power unit No. 1 was obtained in 2018, the deadline is 2025. At the same time, the project stakeholders are making their best efforts to achieve the following two project milestones in 2023, a jubilee year for the Republic of Turkey: delivery fresh nuclear fuel to the Akkuyu NPP Site and complete construction of the Power Unit No. 1.
Source: Akkuyu Nuclear Press Service