The international creative project called "Nuclear Kids" that is held by the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” has started on July 6. Among the participants are almost 80 children from countries, including Egypt, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, China, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Hungary, the UK, Belarus and Russia. Over the course of the project, the participants put on and then perform a musical. This year, the rehearsals for the musical, called ‘Lomonosov’ Scroll’ in honour of the great Russian scientist and educator, are taking place in Hungary. The musical will premiere on August 4 in the Hungarian town of Szekszárd, which will be followed by a tour of two Russian towns that have strong ties to the nuclear industry, Ozersk and Snezhinsk. The final gala shows will be held in a central Moscow theatre on August 15 and 16, with one of the shows being dedicated to the project participants of the previous ten years, some of whom will be travelling to Moscow specially for the occasion. Additionally, this year’s project will involve the making of a feature film, with the shoot taking place in Hungary and the Russian cities of Moscow and Ekaterinburg.  

Nuclear Kids (NucKids) is an annual non-profit international creative project established in 2009. Annually it unites talented kids from Russia and foreign countries. The project aims to strengthen friendly ties between the children from different countries, create a nurturing environment for cultivating gifted children’s creativity, and develop new traditions of cultural interaction. Each summer, the project brings together more than 70 children from Russia and other countries, who over the course of three weeks put on, rehearse and perform a professional musical, which they then tour across several cities. The participants are mentored and aided in their creative effort by famous directors, composers, choreographers and tutors. New music and lyrics are produced specially for the project each year.
Source: ROSATOM Communications Department
Egyptian and Turkish kids take part in international creative project "Nuclear Kids"
Egyptian and Turkish kids take part in international creative project "Nuclear Kids"