International Youth Advisory Council presented a report with recommendations for the development of global initiatives 

December 5, 2022, Moscow. As part of the Global Impact Conference 2022, held on December 1 in Nizhny Novgorod, Members of Impact Team 2050, the international youth advisory council under the Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, presented a report on the development of the future education. 

The Impact Team 2050 is a council of 11 young men and women from 11 countries: China, India, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Argentina, South Africa and Russia. They are talented scientists, engineers, managers, community leaders and opinion leaders in sustainable development, nuclear education, communications and international cooperation. Behind each of them is the youth of their own country with its own set of values and vision of world development trends. 

In the report "Education X: Catalyst for the Future", the Impact Team presented their vision of the future of nuclear education as an important factor in the global transition to clean energy. The report includes an overview of modern education models in different regions of the world, an analysis and assessment of changes in the preferences of young people in the global media environment as well as recommendations for improving the model of nuclear education in accordance with the request of the younger generation. 

“We are acknowledging our role in the development of the society and finding solutions for existing humanitarian challenges. If we want our work to be as effective as possible and reflect all modern trends, we need the view from the younger generation. We are grateful to each member of the Impact Team 2050 for their contribution to our joint work for an unbiased assessment of our plans and, of course, for the developed proposals for further cooperation,” said Mr. Alexei Likhachev, Director General of Rosatom. 

The outcomes of the report defined the discussions at the Global Impact Conference 2022 that was moderated by the Members of Impact Team 2050. The conference hosted round tables on women leadership, innovative school education, stories of successful corporate universities along with the professions of the future. 

Member of Impact Team 2050, Ms Princesses Mthombeni, Founder of Africa4Nuclear (South Africa), spoke at the round table "Transformation of Education for the Transformation of the World" where the panel discussed scenarios for changing educational ecosystems, innovative pedagogy and the role of regional specifics in education. 

Another Member of Impact Team 2050, Lora Chkonia, Consultant at the Institute for International Studies at MGIMO, moderated the session on HR trends in the JEDI world. The panel discussed employer brands that are most attractive to all groups of audiences: youth, people of silver age and people with disabilities. 

Impact Team 2050 is an initiative by Rosatom designed to involve talented young people in corporate transformation issues, as well as the search for strategic solutions that will increase the company's contribution to improving the quality of people's lives. The unique partnership format will help to establish a more effective dialogue with the younger generation in order to meet the demand for global change and sustainable development.
Source: Rosatom Comms Dept.