July 29, 2022 – TENEX JSC signed an agreement with the IAEA on conducting research within the framework of the IAEA Coordinated Research Project, Performance Assessment of Storage Systems for Extended Durations (PASSED). 
The work consists of presenting, in cooperation with the Project Office for SNF Management Systems Development of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” and FSUE MCC, the experience in operating wet and dry storage facilities (HOT-1 and HOT-2) at FSUE MCC, as well as informing the Agency about the development by TENEX JSC of new cask storage systems for spent nuclear fuel/high-level waste within the framework of its investment project. 
The PASSED project seeks to facilitate the exchange of operational experience on wet and dry spent fuel storage systems, discuss the participants’ inspection practices, on-going programs and new monitoring techniques with regards to these systems, develop the technical basis for spent fuel storage system performance assessment focusing on critical components and materials, and enable predictions of spent fuel storage system behavior over long periods of time and suitable inspection intervals.
The participation in the IAEA project will allow presenting the Russian experience in resolving various tasks occurred during design, construction and operation of spent fuel storage facilities, and thus increasing the safety of the existing and planned spent fuel storage facilities.
Source: TENEX