On November 10, Rosatom will traditionally hold its international nuclear awareness initiative – Global Atomic Quiz 2023 to mark World Science Day. This year, Global Atomic Quiz will take place virtually in 13 languages special events for schoolchildren and students happening all around the worldwide, from Brazil to Bangladesh, giving participants the opportunity to not only gain new knowledge and win unique prizes but also to challenge artificial intelligence (AI). The quiz will be available in English, Russian, Armenian, Bengali, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Kazakh, Portuguese, Turkish, Uzbek, Arabic, and Afrikaans.

To participate in this international initiative, one needs to visit the project's website quiz.atomforyou.com on November 10. Participants will have 24 hours to answer 20 questions of varying difficulty and topics. For example, what do the human heart and a nuclear power plant have in common? How can we get to the North Pole? And what keeps the Mars rover warm at night? For the first time, this year several questions were prepared using neural networks, which means that participants can expect even more captivating and unconventional questions that delve deep into the world of atomic science and technology.

To compete for the prizes, registration on the website is required. The top 100 winners with the best results will receive a set of unique prizes: an original sweatshirt with custom atomic patches and a tote bag with an atomic print. The list of winners will be published on the project's website by November 17.

Global Atomic Quiz is not just a popular science quiz but a truly global educational project that explains the basics of nuclear physics, shows the importance of nuclear technologies in everyday life and highlights the role that nuclear plays in preserving our fragile planet. In the three years since its launch in 2020, the Global Atomic Quiz has been conducted in more than 11 languages and has attracted over 30,000 enthusiasts from 70+ countries.

Source: Rusatom International Network Press Service