First steel casting for manufacturing of equipment for the SMR in St. Petersburg

Rosatom Mechanical Engineering Division in St. Petersburg has begun manufacturing blanks of various configurations for the world's first small ground-based nuclear power plant (SNPP) with the newest RITM-200N reactor unit. The start of this project evidences the leadership of Rosatom in the production of modern reactor equipment due to a range of its serial breakthrough technological solutions and products.


Next in the plan is to supply more than 165 tons of blanks made of steel of stainless grades that have gone through a full cycle of metallurgical treatment. As part of the final products, these blanks will be used in the SNPP project in Yakutia.

“The demand for the SNPP technological solutions is growing rapidly. Small reactors are considered one of the most promising areas for the global nuclear energy development. Russia intends to maintain leadership in this matter and is confidently proceeding to the production of commercial units, rather than pilot or experimental ones. In other words, we actually make the products of metal that others are only planning to make,” said Igor Kotov, Head of Rosatom Mechanical Engineering Division.

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Upon completion, the small ground-based nuclear power plant in Yakutia will make possible the energy security and socio-economic development of the region. The facility will be the heart of one of the largest mineral resource centers in Russia and in the future, it will supply electricity to industrial companies, including the Kyuchus, Deputatskoye, Tirekhtyakh deposits, while also playing an important role in the development of the area comfortable to live in. The plant is scheduled to be put into operation in 2028.

The pilot plant will include one power unit with a RITM-200N reactor developed on the basis of the modern reactor RITM-200 intended for universal nuclear icebreakers, with the maximum possible adoption of proven solutions for equipment, materials and systems. At the same time, the reactor is adapted to be installed at the ground-based power facility. The thermal power of the RITM-200N is 190 MW, while its electrical power is 55 MW. The reactor has operational lifetime of 60 years and requires refueling once in 5–6 years.