Rosatom will be a key nuclear partner of the international forum "Russian energy week 2018" to be held on October 3 to 6, 2018 in the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ in Moscow. Business program will include a round table with the participation of Rosatom's top managers. The discussion will focus on latest trends in global energy and nuclear technologies. In addition, the joint booth of the Russian nuclear industry will be presented at the exhibition.

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The International Forum ‘Russian Energy Week’ is one of the main events in the energy sector in Russia and abroad. Heads of states and governments, top executives of world’s energy majors, leading global experts, heads of Russian regions and journalists take part in the Forum. It aimed at discussion current global energy issues and main directions of development for the fuel and energy sector. In 2017, the total number of participants exceeded 10 thousand people. The event was attended by companies from 130 countries, gathered 24 Ministers from 17 States and 38 ambassadors as part of official foreign delegations. The business program of the Forum was attended by representatives of 150 Russian and 76 foreign companies. 

Last year ROSATOM held the round-table discussion “Nuclear Power Role and Development Prospects in the World Energy Mix” as part of the Russian Energy Week. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Péter Szijjártó, Director-General of the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD/NEA) William D. Magwood IV, Director General of ROSATOM Alexei Likhachev, former president and Director General of EdF (2009-2014) Henri Proglio attended the event. It was pointed out that the low-carbon generation is impossible without the development of nuclear energy, which is one of the integral components of the "green energy balance" long with hydroelectric power plants, solar panels and wind turbines.
Source: ROSATOM Communications Department
Rosatom to become a partner of the “Russian energy week” Forum
Rosatom to become a partner of the “Russian energy week” Forum