Isotope JSC (a part of Rusatom Healthcare JSC), the exclusive supplier of isotope products manufactured by ROSATOM, and EGIT, one of the leading providers of non-destructive testing services in Egypt, signed an agreement on developing cooperation in the supply of industrial isotopes. The agreement is an example of an effective public-private partnership at the international level. 

The agreement provides for regular supplies of the radioactive isotope iridium-192, selenium-75 and some other industrial isotopes, as well as equipment for non-destructive testing, in particular, Russian-made gamma ray projectors. Rosatom already has a positive experience in supplies of cobalt-60, which is used in the sterilization of medical devices and irradiation of food products. 

‘We hope that the partnership with EGIT will allow both parties to strengthen their competencies and create additional opportunities for business development that contributes to the safety and reliability of industrial facilities,’ said Anton Shargin, Deputy Director General for Commercial Affairs. 

Rosatom is the largest world producer of iridium-192, which is used in the production of sources for non-destructive testing systems. They can be used to detect microscopic defects in the engineering systems of urban and industrial infrastructure, for example, to check the quality of welds and the integrity of structures. The producers of iridium-192 in Russia are SSC RIAR JSC and INM JSC (the enterprises are part of Rosatom scientific division). 

‘EGIT is proud to begin its cooperation with Rusatom Healthcare JSC and Isotope JSC for developing, marketing and supplying of industrial sources manufactured by the esteemed company ROSATOM in the local market of Egypt, MENA and Africa. This agreement is a big achievement for us and through it our company leads to high dignities which will enhance the market growth of Russian made isotopes in our region especially with beginning of EL Dabaa Nuclear Plant that is under construction by ROSATOM in Egypt and also the big booming of oil and gas projects in MENA’, commented Mohamed El-Sawy, CEO of EGIT. 

General information: 
Isotope JSC is the official supplier of the products manufactured by ROSATOM’s Isotope Complex to the international market and a key supplier to the Russian market. The Company was founded in 1958. Current partners of Isotope JSC include more than 170 foreign companies from 50 countries around the world and about 600 organizations within Russia, inclusive of hospitals, industrial facilities, and scientific institutions.
Source: Media Service of Isotope JSC