In collaboration with Al Ain publishers and Diwan Bookstore Rosatom arranged two events hosting an interactive dialogue on the benefits and advancements of nuclear energy

On the sidelines of the 55th round of Cairo International Book Fair, the largest and oldest book fair in the Arab world, Rosatom, a global technological leader, arranged two events aimed at exploring the knowledge of people about nuclear energy.


Over the course of 2 days Rosatom, in collaboration with Al Ain Publishers, distributed informative books about the basics of nuclear energy, providing visitors with valuable insights into the principles and benefits of nuclear power and promoting awareness and understanding of nuclear energy.

Additionally, a separate event at Diwan Bookstore has been held. During the event Rosatom demonstrated typical nuclear power plant based on Russian design through an augmented reality (AR) app, an interactive way for visitors to explore and understand the operations of a nuclear facility, as well as offering engaging games and online quizzes. An expert was also available on hand to answer public questions and provide detailed information about nuclear energy, its safety measures, and environmental impact.

Both events focused on engaging the public and expanding the knowledge of the audience about the importance of nuclear energy fostering a greater appreciation for its benefits and advancements and allowing a deeper understanding of its role in shaping a clean, reliable, sustainable and low carbon future.

"Our participation at the Cairo International Book Fair underscores our commitment to engaging with the visitors and promoting public acceptance of nuclear energy. Rosatom strongly believes that demystifying the stereotypes about nuclear energy and raising awareness about nuclear technologies comes through an open dialogue with people. By providing an immersive educational experience, distributing informative books, and offering interactive tools, such as AR-application helping visualize modern NPP, we aimed to enhance public knowledge about nuclear power and build trust in the safety, reliability, and sustainability of nuclear energy as a vital and clean component of Egypt's energy future," said Murad Aslanov, Director of Rosatom Country office in Egypt emphasizing on the significance of public engagement.