A delegation of members of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye made a reconnaissance visit to Akkuyu NPP construction site. Members of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology inspected the site and took part in a meeting, at which they were provided with detailed information on the construction project of the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Türkiye. 


The Parliament delegation headed by the Committee Chairman Ziya Altunyaldız was accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Türkiye (MENR): Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alpaslan Bayraktar, General Director of Nuclear Energy and International Projects Afşin Burak Bostancı, Head of Nuclear Infrastructure Development Department Tuğrul Çağrı Cinkara; high-level officials of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK): Member of the Managing Board and second Chairman of NDK, Dr. İsmail Hakkı Arıkan, NDK Deputy Chairman Oğuz Can; representatives of local authorities: Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan, Gülnar District Governor Musa Ayyıldız, Silifke District Governor Abdullah Aslaner, Gülnar Mayor Alpaslan Unuvar, heads of regional law enforcement agencies. 

Upon the mandatory occupational safety briefing, the official delegation visited the highest point of the site, which opens a panorama of the NPP Power Units under construction, and also inspected Power Unit 1 being in the highest readiness level. Guests of the site were accompanied by AKKUYU NUCLEAR managers at all locations: Deputy Director of the NPP under Construction Dmitry Romanets, Managing Director for GR and International Cooperation Alexey Frolov, Director for Construction and Production Organization Denis Sezemin. Dmitry Romanets informed the delegation members in detail about the current stage of power unit construction, the technologies and materials used in construction. 

The results of the visit were commented by the Parliament Delegation Chairman Ziya Altunyaldız: "We visited the world's largest nuclear power plant construction site, where four power units are being constructed in parallel at the same time. The project is very important from the point of technological development of our country. Turkish engineers work here and acquire professional experience, so Türkiye is firmly moving towards further cooperation in the nuclear power plant construction projects both in our country and internationally, and sharing experience in this industry. Due to the challenges related to the processes of climate change, many countries such as EU members have recognized nuclear energy as a sustainable, "green" source of electricity generation. The commissioning of the nuclear power plant will permit us to cover up to 10% of Türkiye's electricity demand by ensuring energy stability, and will also promote a significant decrease of emissions into the atmosphere." 


Construction and installation works at Akkuyu NPP site are being implemented at all construction areas of the main and auxiliary facilities: four power units, on-shore hydraulic engineering structures, power distribution systems, administrative buildings, training centre, NPP physical protection facilities
Source: Akkuyu Nuclear Press Service