The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” has been shortlisted for the next stage of the bidding (competitive dialog) process for Saudi Arabia’s first peaceful nuclear power project, as notified by the Saudi nuclear authority, the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KA-CARE).
For Saudi Arabia’s first nuclear power plant project, Rosatom is offering its latest and the world’s first operational Generation 3+ reactor technology, the VVER-1200, which comes equipped with the most advanced safety systems and complies with the most stringent international safety and security standards. Importantly for Generation 3+ reactor technologies, it has already proven itself in operation, with VVER-1200-based power units operating successfully at two NPPs in Russia (the Novovoronezh-2 NPP and the Leningrad-2 NPP) while more VVER-1200 units are currently under construction in several countries across the world, including Egypt and Turkey’s respective first nuclear power plants. This makes VVER-1200 not only the world’s first Generation 3+ reactor technology, but also the first one to be produced as a serial project. Rosatom also holds the lead in implementing NPP construction projects globally, with 35 units currently under construction in 11 countries outside Russia.

Drawing on its experience in implementing nuclear projects in foreign markets, Rosatom can build the first Saudi NPP to the highest quality and safety standards, but also use our unique competences to ensure the plant’s smooth operation. As part of its integrated offer, Rosatom is able to supply the NPP with nuclear fuel throughout its operational lifetime, assist with training nuclear personnel, developing the regulatory framework, establishing the customer’s nuclear infrastructure, as well as increasing the public acceptance of nuclear power. Rosatom has the know-how and resources to support our customers in any and all aspects of NPP construction, operation and decommissioning, to the extent required, catering to each customer’s specific needs and situation. Rosatom is prepared to support Saudi Arabia in the implementation of its first nuclear power plant to the best of its ability and drawing on its extensive global experience and best practices.
Source: Saudi Gazette